Hail! I am Dicktor Van Doomcock, welcome to my Lair away from home, SubscribeStar! I have just started this account and so it will be under construction for a week or so while I gather the necessary materials to complete this page. I am also limited in what I can post until I am approved by SubscribeStar to begin posting videos, audio and whatnot, so please be patient - Doomcock will be posting all sorts of cool geeky madness as soon as I'm cleared to go! In the meantime, know that I have a YouTube channel: youtube.com/overlorddvd as well as a store at zazzle.com/dvd_shop_a_rama filled with Doomcock and Harvey Cthuhlu merch, so check those out in the meantime, and again: welcome to my Lair on SubscribeStar, and HAIL!