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The Exigent Duality ( covers video games, football, cars, and a variety of other topics, through the lens of Right-wing Libertarianism and Christian Conservatism.

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Get Me Rollin'

And no, not rollin' as if I'd eaten too much or had fallen down the stairs; subscribers will send me a signal that I'm doing something right for once. It's like that Gamma Ray song: "Send me a sign!"

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Generosity Is a Virtue

When I'm on the receiving end! Seriously, this is just in the off chance that someone really likes my content, and wants to give a bit more.

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Did not kill the cat: that was curiosity, I think. I'm just creating this now in the off chance this whole enterprise does go somewhere.

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  • As the Pkunk would say, you'll get... my loooove! Joking aside, for now you'll be supporting my ability to continue to bring you game content from a Right-wing Libertarian and Christian Conservative standpoint.

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I know this isn't even remotely realistic, but why not dream big? There's no harm by putting a "pie in the sky" vision out there! This kind of income would let me devote my whole life to doing what I love-- creating blog posts and cool videos covering my favorite hobbies.

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