Light at the Fall of Oblivion
The profile is created in conjunction with YouTube channel with the same name to support our initiative to inform and enlighten the viewers on the world order and human being place in it, comprehending the relations of the human towards the world and the world towards the human for determination of the initial guidance influencing the mindset and the development of the human. To raise the awareness of the role of the human in cognition of the surrounding world and society, understanding own place in it as the prerequisite for awakening and empowerment of the artistry, understanding the totality of historical activity of the humans for the transformation of their reality. To develop and systemise certain ideas and views on the philosophical issues related to the life goal, the highest purpose of life of the Human, and spirituality of the Human Being.To create a unity of the spiritually related Humans for the comprehension, discussion, solving and implementation of the above mentioned tasks.

Featured Stars

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