The Purpose of a Human’s Life as the Concept of Being.

This video lecture begins the informational cycle on the subject of our modern being and provides the answers to the following questions:
- Why did the so-called ‘progress’ of the science and technology turn the modern human into a slave leaving the animal stage aside with the predominant reflex of taking pleasure in consumption?
- Why do the people almost voluntarily allow themselves to be caught in the digital net and do not wonder is there another way of living without the internet?
- Why is the artificial intelligence developed, integrated and promoted while the natural human intelligence is unfulfilled, surrendered and replaced?
- Why did the mass education turn from the upbringing and training system into the non-stop production of the global stultification for the rising generation?
- Why are the rich getting richer, the poor are getting poorer while the middle class is disappearing?
- Why is there one percent (perhaps even less) of wealthy individuals who own the planet with all its content?
- Why does the world have such an order and not another, who benefits from this world order, what goal does it pursue and who is behind it?
- What is the purpose of a human’s life, and why the majority of humans do not ask themselves this question?

This video lecture also provides the explanation of the icon of our channel (on the minute 18) and the definition of the life goal and the purpose of life of the Human (on the minute 24).