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Reality Shift - Knights of Neon
Public post
Just posted Episode 2 of my Devlog series!

Really excited to see everyone's feedback on the new format/changes to the series.

This is very much a work in progress for me as I'm not a very good YouTuber but I'm learning a lot and rolling with the punches.

Make sure to go give it a thumbs up and share with fellow VR enthusiasts!
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the Goal
VR games require a ton of audible guidance and offer the most immersive narratives on the gaming market. That is why I want to use Altered AI Studio to bring the game's characters to life. If we reach our goal of $750, that will be enough for me to purchase an annual subscription for the Indie Studio and create mind-blowing voice overs with my own amateur voice acting. If you'd like to learn more about Altered, go check it out here!
to reach
the Goal
When we reach $1,500 I will use the money to fund custom sound effects from a trusted artist to give the game even more personality. Contract work is expensive so I'll need your help to level up the fidelity of the game's sound design.
to reach
the Goal
This goal is lofty, but I know it's possible. At $5,000 I will hire professionals to assist me in creating an official game trailer. The game will have to reach a certain point of completion before this is possible but I know we can pull it off thanks to your help <3

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