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bam! lava lamps

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You just wanna support me, see what i post, and maybe see when i open for commissions? Then you, like audrey, are just here to help.

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Just Here.

listen... did you know i cant get a dang penny out of here til theres 5 supporters and 150$ waiting in my account to be transfered? its true. so perhaps these tiers seem large. but they are, in fact, Just Here bc this is how star works.

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you, yes you, are taking a great big wet chunk right out of my medical copay bills which makes a significant difference in stress and quality of life. HORRAY!

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lil' skullbuddy

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this is my medical insurance deductable and i hate it and i have to pay 300$ in copays every time i see a member of my care team, which happens about once a month. since i won't be in remission for several years yet .... its a monthly goal now. yay?
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this is a house repairs goal, bc there's still masonry work to be done and roofing work to be done. the mixed bag of being your own landlord...well. lets be real. the bank is my landlord...

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