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InfinityArk LLC Making independent games and animation current project: Constancy Roa
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Subscription Tiers

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Followers Tier

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Watcher Tier

At this tier you can participate in some polls and see some artworks also you'll be able to get accumulative rewards over time.

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per month
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Standard Tier

At this tier you'll get high quality versions of artworks and animations that we post as well as PSD files when applicable. Accumulated monthly sub amounts will be tallied up for rewards as well.

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Advanced Tier

As the name suggests at this tier you will be able to see works in advance of social media and earlier tiers this includes both animations and artworks. Some special early OVA previews will also be available. As with previous tiers you'll also be able to acquire accumulative rewards here.

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High End Tier

At this tier you will get previous rewards plus we will put your likeness in the anime as a background character. You will also receive a character sheet for yourself. We reserve the right to use the character for whatever role we have in mind and to make adjustments as needed. Rules: We will require a full body picture front and back, voice work if applicable may be requested. The role we have in mind will be made known to you before it's use and can be refused if requested. Note: you are only required to donate to this tier for one month to receive the reward.

Limited (1 out of 18) subscriptions


  • We'll be using an accumulative award system in addition to Tier rewards. This will include copies of the OVA, soundtracks, artbooks, (digital and physical) Tshirts and more!
  • Polls and voting on various things will be available to all tiers
  • Get to a chance to be in the anime as a minor character only 20 slots are available for the first OVA

Recent posts

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Preview of a small part of Yuimei's animation, it's quite a large and complex bit of work. This p...

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