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Comics, Illustrations, Art Events and Challenges. I draw Cyberpunk and Fantasy art in order to deliver harsh stories, with guns and blood. Occasional wholesome and cute stuff too, because we all need a break sometimes. You will be pushed, challenged, and shown inconvenient truths. With hard times, we need to get tough to survive, and find brotherhood among those that resist the madness around them.
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You've seen what I can do on my other platforms, and you're still unsure if you're interested in joining the cause.

No worries, there's still going to be free content available, but you can only stand there and marvel as others help me build something excellent.

  • Works in progress (WIPs), sketches
  • Censored NSFW WIPs
  • Usual content available on all platforms
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You value your time and money, and have decided that I'm worthy of it. Thanks to you, my career as a content creator still has a future! It's a humble rank, but it let's you see a little more of what Gonzo can do for you, and now you can participate in polls!

Here's your sign-up bonus:
  • Early Access to Comics
  • Uncensored NSFW WIPs (hosted off-site)
  • "Freethinker" role, which unlocks most Discord functions
  • Voting Power on polls
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You are the backbone of the cultural war effort. If you choose this option, this means you want to do more and be more in the fight to keep free speech alive, and foster the growth of our community.

The War Chest grows, and here's your share:
  • Previous Perks
  • Upgrade role to "Mercenary"
  • Discounts: 10% off commissions, merch, adoptables
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Elites are the rare few that want to really see us succeed. Elites are emotionally resilient, mentally flexible, and serious about their involvement.

The War Chest grows, and here's your share:
  • Previous perks
  • Upgrade role to "Elite"
  • Beta Reads
  • Concept Art
  • Completed NSFW Content (hosted off-site)
  • Discounts: 15% off commissions, merch, adoptables
  • Commission Priority +1
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3 days
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Command Staff

The Command Team is a position of leadership in this outfit. By joining this esteemed tier, you are pledging your loyalty to our cause which goes above a beyond the average supporter, and places you at the head of the pack when it comes to the development of content.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and welcome you to the inner circle of the House of Gonzo and GonzoWorks.

The War Chest grows, and here's your share:
  • Previous perks
  • Upgrade role to "Command Team"
  • Access to upper echelon
  • Eligibility for Moderator status
  • Discounts: 20% off commissions, merch, adoptables
  • Commission Priority +2
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This is the very summit of our group, the top of mound. There are very few who can stand here, as they represent the most dedicated of fans and are strong of heart. They invest in the dream, and want to make it happen.

This is a position of great privilege and responsibility, and so I must make this clear:

THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FROM THIS TIER. Do not subscribe to this tier if you cannot handle direct critique, difficult topics, or differences of opinion. This is meant as a tier only for supporters who truly wish to be at the forefront of development. You may join this tier, but leaving it for any reason will mean forfeiting your investment.

The War Chest grows, and here's your share:
  • Previous perks
  • Upgrade role to "VIP"
  • Eligibility to affect high-level decisions
  • Eligibility to pitch ideas
  • Original Character will be featured in the story of "Angelus Protocol"
  • Discounts: 25% off commissions, merch, adoptables
  • Commission Priority +3
Limited (0 out of 10) subscriptions


  • Early Access to Comics
  • Access to Discord Community
  • Exclusive perks ands privileges

Recent posts

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Public post

Good morning, Freethinkers! Here’s the sitrep:

  • Progress on the Subscribe Star is well underway. Should be 100% by next Monday.

  • Original Character Tournament plans are still being drawn. Looking at a Nov - Dec launch period.

  • AutoAugust is now halfway through! Check out the hashtags on to see what’s going on there.

  • Angelus Protocol pre-production is over the midway point. With school starting again, and a secondary income stream opening up, I might just be able to speed past the rest.

  • New content in the pipeline: Possible “Jade Regent” Pathfinder Campaign Comic, new line of Adoptables, promotional merch.

Thanks for checking in!

Minds tags: #update #autoaugust #artparlor #angelusprotocol #gonzoworks

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