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Full Spectrum Universe is a movement of exchanging knowledge and bring higher levels of free thinking and critical thinking to the public we are a umbrella of podcasts that touch on all topics of conversation in today's world......
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All Videos only

This is a tier that just gives you all the videos open for your viewing pleasure....

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Critical Thinker

You get extra Content and shot outs during shows, and deals on Merchandise

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Free Thinker

As well as extra content you will get a direct line to the hosts and extra deals on merchandise, there will be round table discussions, and shot outs during shows

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Ascended Master

You will get all extra content, Guest star on podcasts, Merch deals, Round table discussions, Shot outs during shows, direct lines to hosts, and a free T shirt with the first month , And much more....

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Small Business Advertising

For this tier we will advertise your small business and say it twice a episode or any video or podcast we put out we have a good size group so your message will get out and you can send what you want us to say live on the air twice a show.

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  • Lots of extra content as well as a hand in what topics the show covers

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Full Spectrum Universe

Here is our new news show with all the news that matters no doom and gloom and no politics. . Sin...

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