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I'm a theoretical computer scientist, CS educator, and make games.
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Thank you for supporting my mission of providing free or accessible education and more.

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Special Thank You, and Supporter Access!

Thank you very much for your support. At this level, any newly produced videos will include your name in the description of the video (or, if appropriate in the video itself) as a supporter of this work; on support, Daniel Page will reach out to you in case you wish to not be named, or if you have a particular name you would like Daniel Page to use. Regardless, a video shout of those that wish to be acknowledged will be made on a regular update video on the YouTube channel.

In addition, you will be given priority when making fan video requests. Daniel Page reserves the right to determine if the topic is appropriate for the channel, or something Daniel Page would like to do. Also, you will get access to polling for future video content.

You will get access to the 1st Steps to Computer Programming Using Java notes.

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At this tier, you gain access to the written notes that supplement the more basic live stream events, such as the Big-Oh Bootcamp (includes all rewards of lower tiers).

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At this tier, you will gain access to all written notes in free video content provided by Dr. Page. Notes are in digital format. You will all rewards of tiers lower to this one.

Reward: You receive your own full digitally-signed PDF copy of Daniel Page's newest book, Advanced Data Structures: An Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms. This 160 page book is the written note companion to Daniel's 33-part video lecture series of the same name (Advanced Data Structures). It is great for accessibility purposes, should one want a supplemental resource or simply a book with all the content in it. This book is available in other formats such as physical paperback and in kindle format on Amazon.

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  • Please support my work in making accessible and freely available Computer Science educational content.
  • Support the creation of video content that is educational and entertaining.
  • Support making Theoretical Computer Science more accessible to a wider population for less. No politically correct nonsense, just great education!

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