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Books for Men: sci-fi, horror, & social satire.
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The Dream

Journeys begin with a Dream. *Join and get access to patron-only posts, including my sometimes eccentric observations. *1 downloadable copy of Frenzy (epub, mobi, or pdf)

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The Cloud

First step into the Unknown. *Above plus... *First look at pre-publication excerpts from my latest book.

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The Shaman

Travelers need a Guide. *Above plus... *1 paperback copy of my horror / scifi novella Frenzy mailed to you, signed by the author (continental US only)

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The Veil

The Traveler pierces the Veil and acquires Knowledge. *Above plus... *1 paperback copy of my scifi / fantasy book Maalstrom signed by the author (continental US only) *1 downloadable copy of Maalstrom (epub, mobi, or pdf). *My personal critique of 10 pages (200 lines max) of your own writing, with another critique after your second draft. As a long-time editor of people's writing, this is an outstanding value.

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The Pyramid

The Traveler climbs the Pyramid toward the City in the Clouds. *Above plus... *1 signed paperback copy of Quantum Marlowe, my latest publication as of this writing, a detective / sci-fi novel which received fantastic reviews. *1 downloadable copy of QM (epub, mobi, or pdf) *1 signed copy of my latest novel when it comes out: first-come first-served because this may be limited to the number of ARC copies provided to me by the publisher. So the early Traveler will get priority over late-comers who join only one month before my latest book comes out! The terms of publication probably won't allow me to pledge an ebook version, but if I decide to self-publish, then I could provide a epub, mobi, or pdf for this as well.

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The Apex

The Apex. Once attaining the City in the Clouds atop the Pyramid, the Traveler must contemplate and study to attain enlightenment.
*Above plus... *1 signed paperback copy of EACH of my published books *1 copy of EACH as epub, mobi, or pdf (excepting any title which a publisher's contract disallows. As of this writing, only the Quantum Marlowe publisher prohibits my distributing ebook versions, but I do have paperback copies that I can sign and mail) *1 evening of mad passionate, just kidding. My wife may object. *My response to any emails or reviews you care to send, for example, how I came to write a particular book, plot explanations, and what the book is really all about, which may not be immediately apparent.



  • If you like innovative writing, or just to make fun of the antics of Social Justice Warriors, this is the place. $1 Tier: exclusive patron-only posts, and more.

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Glenn Lazar Roberts
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My first post on SStar: for a limited time, post a quotable review of one of my books on any high-traffic website and join my newsletter at and I will send you an ebook of another one of my books (my choice of title) for FREE. The review can be good, bad, or indifferent, and long or short, so long as it's in English. Okay, Russian, Spanish, or French are also okay, but probably not Hindi or Tagalog. Then again, maybe yes. Or no. Or just ask me.

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