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Alistair Williams
Dear early adopters! You guys were in on the ground floor and I'll always remember that :) 
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Alistair Williams
I wish to create many more of these! Subscribe to help :) 

Burger King Brexit

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I don't have much money, but Alistair should have some of my money.

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Join the ranks of those prepared to stand against Tyranny. If I can get 3,000 subscribers at this level I can make videos full time. Lets go.

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Actual Justice Warrior. This gets you access to the channel What's app Group. Actual Justice Warriors. Here we will plan what videos are next and which topics we find most important to cover on the channel. If you are in this group, you are the resistance.

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  • Access to Subscriber only videos and the knowledge that you are part of the resistance to tyranny.

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Because I support free speech and believe in my home country of Great Britain I will be destroyed. Unless you guys can help me. If I can reach my goal I will never stop fighting the people who attempt to control your speech. Thank you x


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