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"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
Why Our Civilization is Dying and Why We Should Fight for It
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  • Tools and Information to guide our minds and hearts back to the will to fight the temptation of apathetic drift and dispair

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"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
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 Listen to my podcast on Anchor. Much more to come starting this April 

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"Why We Fight" with Justin Stamm
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 If you don't want to spend another year simping for those that hate you because you're #Christian #Catholic #Orthodox & a westerner then watch my new video

This insanity of white / #Christian self hate can be reversed if your mind is right on the subject

In this video I discuss my journey back to our western tradition and faith in an age of turmoil in a desire to establish the banner in which to rally around to fight against the degenerate communist vermin and save our civilization.

I also discuss my experience with Eastern Orthodox Christianity and my decision about my choice between EO and Traditional Roman Catholicism and what I believe to be the better choice for Western Men to rally behind to find the true faith and attain victory.

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Gab: https://gab.com/WhyWeFightWithJustinStamm

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhyWeFight2020

Website: http://www.whwefight.info

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In the first step of a my multifaceted and long term goals our project needs to first hit $1000 per month in revenue in order to begin the process of weening off of my current income source in order to provide leadership inspiring content for the awakening right wing that is tired of the betrayals and hungry for authentic renewal. Mid term goal for out full time committed efforts would be $10,000 per month. Soon exclusive content and materials will be available.

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