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Strandoffate profile
A channel created in honor of my two deceased best friends, it serves in bridging the gap, in my life of topics I can no longer talk passionately about with equal minded individuals. I do comic book movie and comic book tv show reviews, as well as discuss personal issues and the culture war.
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Help bring equality by evening the payout and end the gender biased wage gap.

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Affirmative Action

Help keep me oppressed by eliminating my motivation to work harder, by giving me a handout while telling me I'm a victim that needs a savior of another color and can't get ahead because I need to be of that color.

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White Privilege

Help me get a white privilege card, because I'm white and I don't have one, with it, I could achieve all of goals just by showing it.

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  • I currently have no exclusive insentives to offer, which is why I won't be locking any content behind a paywall. Supporting my channel is completely optional.
  • I shoot straight through, I have no time for editing. I'm a single father of two, one adopted, one biological. I work 40 to 60 hours a week at a full-time job, but find time to bring you new videos between work and taking care of my two kids.
  • With your help, I can upgrade to better equiptment, and with your help, I could eventually go onto to do this full time, allowing me to produce more content or at the least, higher quality content, as well as have more time with my kids.

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