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Making videos and other content debunking misinformation and educating the open-minded from a skeptical, rationalist viewpoint.
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Shane Killian

Discord Server Changed

After discussing it with the supporters in the special Discord server, I've moved the rewards over to the Bogosity Discord server. Everyone will have to reconnect to to get to the Discord channels.

Subscription Tiers

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Early Access

Get most of my content early and ad-free, get access to the Discord server, and get invited to most Hangouts.

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Recommend vids to debunk

Give Shane a video you'd like to see debunked, here or on a special Discord channel. Note: Shane prioritizes supporter requests, but also prioritizes shorter videos over longer ones, and there may not be time to get to them all. Make a special request if you really want to make sure!

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Request new vid topic

Request a topic for a new video, such as a new edition of Atheism & Libertarianism or How To Argue For _____, here or on a special Discord channel. These take a lot of research, sometimes months or even years, so please have patience!

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Monthly AMA

Ask me a question, and I'll do a video at the end of the month answering them all. Plus, access to the Discord VIP channel!



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