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I provide art and game development content for all to view progress of any upcoming works I will make, as well as provide access to demos and wip for supporters to play and provide feedback with!
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For those who only wish to just support my art and game endeavors and care not for any sneak peaks or bonus content I have to offer, or you really just feel like helping out one buck at a time!

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Cookie Muncher

Peek at sketches and view finished art/games/demos before they’re public!

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Cookie Vendor

View progress of games in development as well as practice sketches, and get an opportunity to earn free colored sketches from a monthly raffle (5 winners max!)!

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Cookie Maker

Partake in the monthly raffle as well as test playing any games in progress and providing feedback to them!

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  • View pony art, games, or even both before they go out to the public!
  • View rough sketches or practice art that otherwise aren't worth sharing!
  • Get opportunity to earn art or play test games in progress as they get developed!
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Seafood Dinner
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Commission drawn for Euro!
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