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The Builder Level is for those who wish to contribute a bit extra to cover the costs of scholarships for those who might not be able to afford membership. We refuse to exclude anyone due to finances!

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The Patron level is for those who are interested in investing in the future success and expansion of Regarding Men. We intend build a community that will venture into activism projects such as male friendly billboards, bus ads and organization on the ground in real world terms. Those who contribute at this level will help make that a reality.

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The ultimate in support! With a Guardian Membership you get the satisfaction of knowing you are a key player in Regarding Men's operations and in our future.

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Regarding Men

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Regarding Men
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Tom, Janice and Paul welcome you to the SubscribeStar page for Regarding Men, where we hold men in high regard and where Red Pill isolation comes to die. Join us here and prepare to be amazed by our community of men. 

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