XY Crew is a community of men from around the world, most of whom have been negatively impacted by gynocentric, anti-male policies and law.  We conduct daily online peer support group meetings and started hosting real world events with our first Jamboree (2022) in Roanoke, VA.. Our unity is predicated on masculine values, respect for self and others among them.
Feel free to join at any level of membership for access to our member’s only schedule. Come hang out live on Zoom with Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo and Rob Tiller. Take us for a test spin and find out what it’s like to supportively connect with like-minded men away from the insanity of a gynocentric world.


XY Crew Meeting Schedule

Cybershed Always Open

The Cybershed is the place you can drop in on any day and time. It's the perfect place to come when you need a meeting but there isn't one scheduled. NOTE: If you visit the Cybershed and no one is there, feel free to minimize the window and continue your onlline activity. Someone will be there before too long!


Paul Elam’s Saturday Check-In Group – 5:00 PM NYC Time




Paul Elam’s Monday Family of Origin Group – 1:00 PM NYC Time


Paul's Elam's Tuesday Check-In Group - 1:00 PM NYC Time


Paul Elam's Wednesday Check-in Group - 1:00 PM NYC Time

Tom Caulfield’s Wednesday Group, Video, Photography – 3:00 PM NYC time (7:00 PM GMT) 

Wednesday Men's Check-In Group – 8:00 PM NYC Time


Janice Fiamengo’s Thursday Check-In Group – 7:30 PM NYC Time

Goals and Growth / ROIL Ramble - 4PM NYC Time

Aussie Bloke's Meeting - 5:00 PM AEST


Unca Mike's Music Roundtable 1:00 PM  Time NYC Time


Community Meeting

Monthly Community 'Meeting - Last Saturday of each month , 1:00 PM NYC time