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Hikanonuda ~ The mascot for AU Projects

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YTA ~ (1-1): A New Kingdom? Cover Page

Yellow Toad Adventures

Could someone think of a better title name please?
So, this is an old project that was actually my first comic, actually my first thing I was going to do, before the GMOD, the MMD, the Adobe, the Pixel Art, though I've never got around to doing. Now since it's 2023, and not a lot of people do Super Mario comics anymore, I don't know if I could do it. 
Though it'll feature Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Toadette, it will also feature some familiar faces from Nintendo. 
So If you guy like it, I might do more.
Yellow Toad Adventures ~ Chapter (1-1): A New Kingdom? 
After the recent events of NSMBU/Deluxe, Yellow, Blue, and Toadette were walking through the wood enjoying their day… for some reason… when  They discovered a silhouette. The Trio followed it to find out what it was. It disappeared! The Trio then found a mysterious glowing Warp Block, with a (I SUCK AT SHORT STORIES, SHUT UP). The Trio were wonder if the creature was the box. Yellow and Blue want to know what’s inside, So Yellow touched the “!” Block. Suddenly, the block begin shake, and grab Yellow and Blue! Toadette then tried to grab them, but she accidentally hit the block… and got captured as well! The Block then Flew away with them to an island, or another world or Kingdom.  
Make sure to support me for more comics and stay tuned for commissions
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