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News, Documentaries and Interviews revealing the truth about the world for education and critique.

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For those who have earned the right to consider Money to be "Fun Coupons"

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  • At Knight First News, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best as we sift through the propaganda, one frame at a time. We are doing our part in empowering and organizing the Local Common Law Patriots around the world to take back their communities and eradicate tyranny from this species once and for all. I would call Knight First News a cross between Ryushin Malone's Revelations at and Robert David Steele's Public Intelligence Blog, two incredible resources for both Red Pilling newbies and Deep Diving Rabbit Holers. In the words of Ryushin Malone, "WE DEMAND FREEDOM OR DEATH," and of Robert David Steele, "The truth at any cost lowers all other costs." With those in mind, we invite you to help us build the Armor of God, one link at a time. Our name comes from Ryushin Malone's research into the Orion Group and their deal with the Cabal and Vatican to HARVEST HUMANITY for both ADRENOCHROME and to ESCAPE THEIR PUNISHMENTS FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by using a Fake Alien Invasion, which was known as "NIGHT FIRST". As an organization set on establishing the return of Natural Law to the land, it will take the uKnighted effort of fully-informed "LIVING MEN AND WOMEN of the LIVING SOIL," (Sacha Stone), to build the Plenary Power necessary for us to never allow such encroachments or infringements of our liberty ever again.
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