So, I just had this idea in very rough form last week before leaving for what turned out to be a very disappointing convention appearance.  My intention was to possibly ink the piece while at my table, but so much time was eaten up just trying to hustle up some business that I didn't get to it.  However, yesterday I needed something to break up some of the monotony of another project.  So I inked on this a bit here and there, then took it home for my wife, Karin, to fill in the black areas on.  This morning I scanned it, did a few minor adjustments on it, and added the red in photoshop.  If I'd drawn this 30 years ago there would have been lines of fans asking me why I wasn't drawing DareDevil for Marvel.  Now such an image is as likely to get me snubbed by "woke" fans for "cultural appropriation".  As we said back in the 80s "whatever".

BTW the Kanji says "Samurai" but it's the version that means "Warrior Family".  I'm pretty happy that I was able to figure that out.