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Are you ready to Complete the Circuit and delve into the deeper, woowooer, mystical, unlimited second hour of Driving to the Rez? Get the latest updates and seeings on the planet, including card readings and guidance from Gaia and the High-Frequency Human Collective. Find out the latest evolutions on the planet as they happen. And get an opportunity to ask your questions directly. NOTE: If you are a WalkWithMeNow member, you already have access to this content and more.
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Second Part of the Podcast

The second part of the Driving to the Rez weekly podcast is private and you can listen to it here.

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Monthly Class with Larry and Inelia

Get in the truck with us once a month for a ZOOM class. We will teach a chosen mystical, shamanic and daily life topic relevant to living on Earth through the Split.

Exercises for Self-Empowerment

Four empowerment exercises. One each week. These are the same that WalkWithMeNow members get each week from Inelia.

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  • Listen to the Second Hour of Driving to the Rez! With community Afterparties and Study Groups.
  • Access to high-frequency empowering information. Latest happenings at WalkWithMeNow
  • Access to seeings and data that can not be shared on public social media.

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