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I'm a aspiring writer looking to focus on short story collections as well as a aspiring lets play content creator.
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  • A backlog of my lets play content on my Bitchute channel as well as previews of writing projects and any poems I write.

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Another poem I wrote with this one aimed at a certain cesspool of a social media site called Twitter. This one is to all those fucks on Twitter that only see in gender and race instead of seeing a individual. Maybe if people would get to know a individual instead of choosing to hate the world would be better place.

Our World Seen in Crimson Shades

How I once knew you
And yet
I can’t easily escape it

Every day I see it
I watch as the virtual worlds
That I love
And the content creators
That I support
Become victim to this distasteful word

Another word that many
Do not wish to indulge

Yet, I watch those who use social media
Engage in it though a war of words
They paint with broad strokes
While using gender and race
As ammunition

I feel the crimson shades
That rest in my pocket

My anger grows
Hatred burns
Ready to fuel the inferno
That is my emotions

I draw the air into my lungs
As I want to release it
And bellow a shout that simply says

You narrow minded fucks
That dwell in the cesspool
Called Twitter

You see the world
In black and white
You call people racist
You call people phobic

Because they choose to have an opinion
And not conform to the corporate bullshit
Because they choose to present their art
And tell a story
That doesn’t push a political agenda
That ruins the story

You even call people out
Because they choose to support a president
You call people out for choosing to show respect
By shaking the presidents hand

I feel the hatred burn
I want to keep going
I want to keep feeding into it
But I choose not to

I choose
To see the individual
And get to know them
Before I pass judgement

To those who say it is race
And gender
Who choose to hate
You are mistaken

It is the individual
That is racist
It is the individual
That is sexist
It is the individual
That chooses to hate

To those who read this poem
Only to choose to see
In race and gender
I have a simple message

Fuck off
And have a nice day

To the narrow minded fucks on Twitter
Keep being salty
We can always use more salt
For the popcorn
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When Silence Reigns

Part One

The Martyr

 Chains wrap tight around the wrists

As they rub her wrists

Into a raw meat


Outside the rain falls

She could hear the water

As it streams down the walls

From the barred windows above her

She pulls the cloth tight

As the cold bites deep 


They caged her

For speaking the truth

They caged her

For not following the corporate regime

They caged her

For not caring about the right political agenda


Around her only silence reigns

As not even the wind would stir the rubble

To break that cold unforgiving silence


Footsteps echo in the stone halls

They give off their heavy tones 

That sound an ominous omen

Of approaching death


They would make her the example

They would make the stupid mistake of making her a martyr

They would not care about it

They would act as if it didn’t matter


She knew the truth

She knew they were afraid

Of these small platforms

Of these small competitors


That could very well take away the crown

From the monopolies that rule

The world of content creation

Of social media

Of the silver screen

Of content creation platforms 


They stand in in front of her in their fancy suits

Fur coats keep the cold away from them

As black shoes shine with the torchlight


Lips curve into a grin as she smiles

She could hear the little camera drone 

Hiding in the darkness

As she finds her captors will not give her a noose

They will give her a death

At the hands of a pistol


Smoke fills the air

As the hammer slams down

A loud thunder echo’s in the prison cell

Before her world go’s black

And silence reigns










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A poem I wrote recently. This one is aimed at Youtube for all the shit they've been doing to content creators over the years. I'm adding my voice to the fight through this poem.

Goodbye, Youtube

A poem by DpsMiqote


It was what got me

Into content creation

I found my platform

And I began my journey

I walked my path 

watching as others wished to watch my journey

They commented

Conversations were had


I helped them


I entertained


I just like to see the criticism

I wanted to get better

I wanted to keep making more content

But eventually I stepped away

I kept going back 

Every once in awhile

To try again


My world began to change

My friend once told me

I should have never walked away

I should have kept sharing my journeys

Through these digital worlds I love so much

I could have been a star 

Here on this platform I chose

Now I wonder if this choice

Is a blessing in disguise

And not a mistake

As my friend asked me a question

What happened to me?

I used to be so happy

I used to have my goals

I used to have my dreams

I wonder about this question

As I begin to realize why

My happiness diminished

This platform I chose

Called Youtube

Began to change

This industry 

That created these digital worlds

Began to change

This industry

That created stories for the silver screen

Began to change

There used to be a time 

When Youtube

When these industries

Cared about its consumers

And creators

Now that has all changed

As corporations

And their greedy CEO’s

Wear their green shades

And only care about the paper

Painted in a green color

It causes me to ask myself a question

Am I happy?

I don’t know if I am

As I find myself reborn 

I have become a double-edged sword

A part of my passion to create

Still exist as I still wish to share my adventures

In the very few digital worlds

That I still enjoy

Part of me also knows

That I will now forever carry a venom

Towards the platform

And the industries

That I once loved

Goodbye, Youtube

I hope that one day you will wake up

And hate yourself for what you chose to become

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So the first post's are out. The first work in progress tier has been created and I will be adding something to it here in the next couple of days. I will also have a free series soon as well.
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To Play the Devil. Available on Amazon.


Here's a sneak peak. I figure if I can't hook you on the first paragraph then that's not good. 

So many labs destroyed, so many innocent people murdered; all for a false sense 
of justice. At some point she began to kill just for the simplicity of killing. Hammering 
away at the metal memories of restless nights filled her mind. So many of those nights 
led to her using alcohol to numb a pain that could never truly heal. Shaking her head 
Anna began to focus on her work for a few seconds more.    


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And the finish

When Passion Dies - Part 4 - A New Enemy

Behind the green cloud of poison

Another follows

As a red menace approaches the shore

From this cloud a new enemy joins the fight


Blood drips from their clawed hands

Mouths are sewn shut

Muffled screams could be heard

As these red skinned monsters

Drag the oppressed behind them

With spiked chains wrapped around their throats


Among these I find the willing slaves

I watch the Humans

I watch the Orcs

As they willing silence the oppressed

In exchange for a green paper

Painted crimson with blood



Rise up and fight them


I call to these Humans

These Orcs


My thoughts become crimson clouds

Of anger

Before turning to clear clouds

Of purpose


I shout

I will not forgive

I will not forget

I will not wash my hands of this


My purpose becomes clear as battle resumes

I shall eviscerate my enemies with the might of my pen

With written word I shall fight back


The fight will be long

The fight will be tough

But, with hope in my heart

I will add my voice to the growing chorus

To save this video game industry

Before it is destroyed

By the poisoned cloud

Called corporate greed

And the red menace 

That threatens to silence

Our creative freedoms


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Lets keep going

When Passion Dies - Part 3 - Hope

The poison claws near my face

I can feel decaying breath

Touch my cheeks as the skin

Starts to wither


My anger rises

My hatred rises

My passion turns to fury


No, I cry

My passion never died

It has just taken a new form


Around me flowers bloom

As a beam of devastating energy

Turns this crowd that surrounds me

Into dust


I look up to see a frame

Made for war



It says


Stand and fight back

Stand and remember those

That restored your hope


I stand as a silent figure

With long white hair

And a wolf pendant

Helps me up

As his other hand 

Is ready to wield a spell


A dark energy flashes

As a bow of purple energy

Is held by a cloaked figure


I remember my time as a Guardian

Freed from the demon’s called Activision

With hope that this poisoned cloud will not take them

I remember my time in Eorzea 

As I wielded my Samurai’s blade

To fight back against Eorzea’s enemies


And I remember

My time as a Tenno

I remember the Second Dream

As I find my hope restored

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Onto the next part

When Passion Dies - Part 2 - Mayhem of Battle

This poisoned cloud

Lands on this serene shore

Creatures leave the cloud

As the ground dies beneath their steps

The poison drips from their claws

Their fangs are shown as they are wrapped

In a decaying green paper


Releasing the air

Buried deep within my lungs

I sound my battle cry


I strike

I cut

I slash

I speak my words

Their power unleashing 

Lashing lighting

And searing flames


Chaos rings

As the sand becomes choked

With crimson and green paint

Spilled by the fighting warriors


I watch as my hope

Begins to fade

My passion for this world

For this video game industry

Begins to die

As it is grounded into a fine sand


Daggers pierce my skin

And my heart

As the Dragonborn warriors

As the wanderers fall

Followed by the Orcs

And Humans


Not like this 

I cry out


There is still hope

It still exists


But that hope starts to die

As this army

Born from the poisoned cloud

Of corporate greed

Marches on us remaining few

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Time for a poem in four parts. I wrote this during Blizzcon of 2019. Enjoy!

When Passion Dies - Part 1 - Threatened Shores

On this shore I sit 

As a green cloud of poison

Slowly approaches


Wind blows past me 

Causing the sand to take flight

In my hands sits my book

That tells so many stories

Of the characters I played

In these virtual worlds


I open the pages as the waves crash 

Against the rocks in a futile effort

To dislodge them from their home


Once I was a hunter

Young, naive

Not yet poisoned by war


I stood proudly with the Horde

As expansions took me from battlefield

To battlefield

Now that pride has turned to forgotten memories


I was once a Demon Hunter

Crossbows at the ready 

I relished the fight

As hordes of Demons 

Were slaughtered for threatening Sanctuary

As well as for what I hoped

Would be sweet loot


I once stood as Hero

I readied my shield 

I stood as the tip of the spear

And the shield that would protect my team

Now, the passion to heal

The passion to tank

Has all but left me

As Overwatch can no longer 

Hold my interest


I close the book to stand

I draw my sword readying myself

For the fight ahead

Against this poisonous cloud 

Called corporate greed

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Welcome, my goal is to become a writer/content creator via streaming or uploading content. I will probably tackle writing in a way that some pieces will be free. I don't want to put everything behind a pay wall. We'll see how it all go's as the days pass. Anyways, welcome and I hope you will enjoy my work.

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