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Come join us as we develop the FREE open source game Apocalypse Game! Donations go towards the development of the game.
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Dapper Crab

For only one penny over .99 cents, you get exclusive access to the dappercrab tag on discord! As well as occasional exclusive patron only content!

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Rock Lobster

You Rock! Five dollars nets you the early build released at least 1 month before public release!

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Pistol Shrimp

Bang Bang! For 10 smakeroos you get Discord shoutouts at the end of the month on top of everything else!

Ye haa. There, I said it.

0 subscribers    Pistol Shrimp


  • On subscribing, you will gain:
  • Exclusive access to an early version of each build!
  • Exclusive access to dappercrab only sections of the discord!

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DapperCrab Studios

Hey there lovely lovely people! Your early access version is up, and has a lot of new updates! Ha...

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