Confic Magazine LLC is now legally and monetarily operational. We are located at:

We aim to provide an unusual amount of transparency and accountability for donations, as well as LLC expenditures. Please see the About, Tutorials, and F.A.Q. pages of our website for more details. The tl;dr is: anyone can verify that we've moved the donations to the right place, and that we are using them as promised.

Why SubscribeStar? Why not Patreon?

Would you look into purchasing rental properties in a city that has made it clear it will use its authority to suspend rent payments for tenants without any penalty? Essentially give them your purchased property for free, costing you money and compromising your livelihood?

We didn't think so. If you're looking to rent out property, you'd probably want to do it in a different, friendlier city.

As of October 18, 2021, our previous home on Medium was compromised by external attempts at censorship. This was in response to the publication of information pertinent to the containment fiction space that should be available to the public.

We have already experienced a great amount of resistance in just getting formed, and certainly getting this far. So we have chosen to use SubscribeStar for donation accrual, as they are stout proponents of free speech; not just speech that doesn’t offend them. This is more that can be said of other, mainstream donation platforms. We stand to gain much more than the extra exposure offered by more those options. 

Please consider helping us by making a $5 monthly donation. Please check out our Goals section and also our official website for more information about where your donation goes and how to keep tabs on it.

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