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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

4 Reasons Why Top-Gun was an instant classic

  1. It told a good story. Never underestimate the value of just telling a good story. We have been CGI'ed to death. We've been force-fed heaping plates of woke tripe and we've gagged until there's nothing left. As a movie, TOP GUN Maverick is a perfectly cooked Tomahawk steak (look it up) of speed, power, force, action, brotherhood, insane maneuvers, intense grit, and cockiness that are calling cards of America dominance. Top Gun Maverick has a simply powerful story-line that is a continuation of a man's life and how his experiences have shaped, hurt, and even haunted him and the people around him. It has a father-son element to it that just gets me every time. There's romance, there's self-doubt, there's the element of freedom vs control, control freaks vs. freedom fighters, and America vs. yet another foe who's plotting to do serious harm.
  2. Shout-worthy action scenes from beginning to end. This movie literally made me sit up in my reclining seat at the local movie theater. I was locked in ready to fly wing-man during the most of the movie. I'm a former 20-year Air Traffic Controller and this movie made me giddy with rekindled eyes to my old career flame. Even the phraseology was close to spot on in the movie and that was exciting to an aviation nerd such as myself. The maneuvers that they made the jets do during the movie were just....(insert inappropriate word here)....amazing! Raw power and on the very edge of control. I can't describe how raw and forceful and exciting these scenes were. Insane. I want to be a fighter pilot now.
  3. There was no forced SJW, LGBTQIA8590ir02029u, Anti-America, Anti-Patriarchy, Anti-Success story line. The main romance was between a likable dude and a likable chick. Well, I guess a dude, the chick, and the fighter jet but that's a wholesome threesome that won't get you ex-communicated...probably.
  4. America wins! I know it hurts all of these new-aged writers and producers who lust for the death of America and animate their fantasies through their scripts and productions. In Top Gun, the American, cocky, pro-military, pro-power, pro-speed, pro-air superiority, pro-dropping a bomb right down the roof vent of your enemy half-way across the world... crowd won. The Americans in all of our jet flying, fossil fuel burning glory, WON! I wonder how many electric fighters jets were used in the making of this classic. Oh yeah, none. American wins. They spy on the bad guys. They find out the bad guys are doing bad things and they proactively do something. They launch a mission to kill the bad guys and utterly destroy any tools the use for current or future weapons. This movie was a win for America!

Go see it as soon as you can. Yes, Tom Cruise is absolutely nutty in real-life. Go see it anyway and pretend he's Maverick all the time.


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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

The World LOVES and changes for Christmas. It's my favorite holiday by a mile and it makes me feel fantastic inside. But, have you ever asked the question why? Why is Christmas so dominant in our lives? And more importantly.....

WHO IS THIS JESUS that Christmas is based on? Join me for this series on who he was, what he taught, and why he may be the key to freedom in our lives and communities.

Watch this!

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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

HHS whistleblower reveals govt hiding adverse reactions to vaccines! Watch this before it gets deleted.

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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

They Need Their "Wars"

When you want to be the hero; you always need a villain.

Control Freaks, who I call The Miserables, always need their kind of "war" to fight against.

The War on Climate Change The War on Hunger The War on the Patriarchy The War on Covid The War on Racism The War on Whiteness The War on Right-Wing Extremism The War against Toxic Masculinity

and so on...

The Miserables ALWAYS need a never-ending "fake war" or boogeyman that needs to be fought. They position themselves as the 5-Star General in command of the fake war effort. They yearn to be seen as war heroes, who see an ever-present dragon that needs slaying. But in these fake wars there is never in any real danger.

They lustfully want to be Maximus without ever having to really fight.

And like Commodus in the movie Gladiator, they envy and despise the truly America-first decorate war hero. He is a threat to their power and fame.

The beautiful thing about their fake wars is that their is no real danger to the fake 5-star General. There's no real measure that can signal the end of the war, so they will always be able to beat the war drum and cash in on the proverbial "war bonds" that help to fund these imaginary wars. The right war is a cash cow.

The thing with wars is that they require money to be fought. Lots of money! So these counterfeit generals request unlimited budgets, new taxes, and the perpetual donations of the common people to win their fake war. Carbon credits, reparations for modern oppression, lawsuit settlements against governments, companies, and people, fundraising campaigns, and forced donations to end protests are all ways that these fake wars rake in money. They also know that they're fighting a war that has no end.

If their is a war on climate change and climate always changes then the war will never end. It's a forever war that you can wage. No one can control the weather so waging a war against climate is a brilliant way to grift people out of billions and maybe even trillions of dollars. Al Gore's positioned himself as the General Patton of climate change and he's been raking in money ever since. There will always be males to rage against, and groups to call oppressors, or "the rich" to blame the non-rich's problems on. So these faux wars will never end.

AOC is literally a calculating woman. She's brilliant at playing the victim and manipulating others into casting her a hero for the hopeless. It's very profitable. She's won election to the U.S. House of Representatives from complaining on twitter and being the loudest liberal in her New York City borough. Now she's the media's faux decorated war General for the downtrodden of the world. She also attends $30,000-a-plate galas with a dress that says "tax the rich". She's great at speaking the slogans fake wars against the rich, but she's "the rich" that her side shrieks is the devils among us. She got paid millions from Netflix for......ummmm...being a person with a twitter account I guess. She's gotten filthy rich in America by wailing about the evil rich people in America. That is her fake war and it will never end. It's way too profitable.

The Covid Commanding Generals Fauci, Walensky, Collins, Biden and their subordinate commanders have taken full control of our society and are our new dictators. They've done a brilliant job of waging a never ending, always evolving, humanity consuming, truth re-writing, money making war against a virus. There's no end in site. There's no metric to accomplish other than total submission to their guidelines. It's also budded into a war against anyone who disagrees with their nonsense. Under their corrosion we have been forced to worship their every word, even when it contradicts the words they said the day before. The amount of money that has been transferred and made in different industries is heartbreaking, and clarifying at the same time. Big Medicine has been back-stroking in the pool of billions of dollars that they've made from those mandatory vaccines. Hospitals make thousands more for each Covid patient vs. regular non-covid patients they have. Our Covid Generals are forcing all of America to buy the medical product of a select few companies. That puts hundreds of billions of dollars on the line to be made by everyone with their hand in on the "war" effort. Don't be surprised when General Fauci and all of his demons end up on the executive boards of the vaccine companies, pharmaceutical giants, and hospital boards. Bill Gates has positioned himself as another General in the war and stands to make billions in ROI from money he invested in Covid testing. This war may be one of the most profitable yet. Control is another form of payment that The Miserables love and more of has been gained in the Covid pandemic than any other time that Americans can remember.

The Miserables need fake wars to permanently complain, fundraise, divide and control. Don't fall for their hustle. Instead be a conscientious objector to their fake war efforts.

Live your life in what is true, what creates human flourishing and freedom. Refuse to fight under the rules of engagement that The Miserables set. Our goal is to live lives of power, love, a sound mind, fearlessness and giving glory to our biblical God.

Their goal is not victory or human freedom. It's their own money, power, fame. and control. Never forget that.

Fake wars, huh...., what are they good for? Absolutely Nothing!

Live Free!!!


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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN

When the hype train make no stops in 'Resultstown'.

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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

How we can overcome the INHUMANE treatment others that is quickly grown during the pandemic. We don't have to be divided or pitted against each other. We can work to treat others like humans and respect their bodies, which is their most sacred possession. Watch that video and share with your friends. Faith, Hope, Love, Truth and Community.

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