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Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
Thank you for visiting my SubscribeStar page.

I'm on the beginning of my Art and YouTube journey I can't offer much yet.
But your support would help me alot to build up my channel and would give me the opportunity to create even bigger and exclusive projects. Furthermore are suggestions from my supporters on the TOP priority.

For only $1/month you can be a supporter already. Besides the suggestions I also want to be transparent for which necessaries the donations money will be spent.

Future plans are:
- exclusive prints/material for supporters
- exclusive (early) access to vides and/or bigger projects
- as well as realtime drawing videos

Thank you for visiting my page, 


Bruce C. Lakeriver


  • Make bigger projects possible
  • Basic support of the channel
  • Additional subscriber only content in the future

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A28b807e b088 478e a06c a893a215920f 120x120 17x18 601x600
Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
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That one is an art piece which definately challenged me on my endurance :D
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For a desperately needed editing computer. My old RoG Laptop with just a GeForce 660m is beyond its limits :(

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