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From voluptuous bovine maidens to bloody, seductive demonettes, I'm blending original, enthralling stories with hand-drawn custom art. Specializing in horror, fantasy, monsters, and monstergirls - give in to your primal desires and join us today!
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Black-Eyed Kid

At this tier, you will become one of the legendary Black-Eyed Kids, having access to our discord, where you can post writings or prompts of your own, chat with other creatures of the night, and see the finished stories I post here and elsewhere!

0 subscribers BEK
per month
The Rake

At this tier, you will become a ghoulish, mysterious fiend, rending safety and comfort away from families across suburbia. Subscribing to this tier includes access to the discord as with the previous tier, access to a special channel in discord where movie nights and readings will be held, as well as exclusive access to regular polls which will determine some of the topics i write about!

0 subscribers Rake
per month

At this tier, you will become the mythical windigo from Algonquian legends, a terrifying creature of insatiable hunger. You will gain access to all rewards from previous tiers, as well as access to the repository channel in our discord. The repository is where I store interesting content from around the web. [coming soon].

0 subscribers Windigo
per month

Your hunger is all-consuming, you can never be sated. You have become a creature of the night, stalking its prey from the shadows. Access to this tier includes all previous rewards, as well as access to an additional level of the repository, my personal e-book collection (with nearly 30,000 e-books), and several other of my own personal collections of content (coming soon). I will also post snippets and exclusive updates for any stories I work on as well as my upcoming novel, "Where Night Never Ends".

0 subscribers Vampire


  • Subscribe to my channel to get access to my original, handcrafted stories, artwork, to gain access to our discord community, a place to chat and share content with other spooky enthusiasts (and a trove of content I have stored there myself), access to prompt polls, and so much more!

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Here is the first chapter of one of my Eldritch-style lewd stories! Enjoy! I CAMEIN THEDEEPCHAPTE...

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