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Video Call-In Show
Video Call-In Show
The Video Call-In Show; The first talk show to invite *anyone* to video teleconference in live and talk about anything- The topic of the day, their life, interests, promotions or just chat! Broadcasting LIVE on YouTube (and other platforms) Sundays @9pm ET!
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Video Call-In Show
Thank you for considering to support my show! I assure you that all contributions go to helping me maintain a schedule and continuously improve on this unique call-in show format. 

Subscription Tiers

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Call-In Contributor

A generous gift that helps support my channel. You also receive access to all member messages, occasional shout-outs, CHAT access to my private panels and, of course.. my eternal gratitude! :)

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Call-In Club

Same benefits as above, as well as an open invitation to JOIN my exclusive private panel discussions! (will schedule panels when 2 or more Club members have signed up).

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Call-In Crew

Same benefits as above, as well as Graphics help (creation?) and I will answer any of your questions as it relates to video production and digital marketing.

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Caller Baller

Same benefits as above, with the added bonus of a Custom, EXCLUSIVE supporter, the same type of Coffee Mug I use (not available in my store) - AND private consulting sessions to help you individually with your video production and digital marketing initiatives.



  • In order to provide more value to those who choose to support my show, I have created tiers designed to give you greater access. Higher level tier memberships have the added bonus of reaping rewards from my experience as a video producer / engineer as well as a lead management and digital marketing executive. If you have any suggestions on further value you would like to see offered. By all means, let me know. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

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Video Call-In Show

Thanks for all your support- Now that the show is back on the air, I have decided that I will soo...

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