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A game dev crew focused on fun games and new talent

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Neophyte Vernaculite

As a Neophyte Vernaculite You will have our gratitude for your contribution

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Vivific Vernacunic

As a Vivific Vernacunic your gratitude granted from us will upgrade to Increased Gratitude

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per month
Dragonbred Vernacuhead

Your arrival as a Dragonbred Vernacuhead signifies your ability to evolve our gratitude to greater heights of gratuity

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per month
Debonair Vernaculaire

Look at you Debonaire Vernaculaire! Achieving this tier confers upon your greater gratitude a certain...dramatic flair

0 subscribers
per month
Veteran Vernacu(wo)man

Ah yon Veteran Vernacuman or Vernacuwoman! Your renown here is such that our gratitude for you has yet again evolved, becoming something quite auspicious indeed.

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True Vernacular Faithful

To deem us worthy of such a contribution, truly the verity of our gratitude for you is undeniable. Ever shall we be grateful for the sheer grandiloquence of your gracious gratuity

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Catching Our Stride: At this amount we'll be able to set aside a bit of funding to boost our signal on the different Social Media platforms.
$0.00 of $2,500
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Opening the door: At this amount we'll have enough discretionary funds to start putting it aside for additional Freelance hires.
$0.00 of $5,000
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Exiting the Threshold: Our action at this point will be decided when we reach it. Very likely with your input.

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