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I am VenomnymouS, independent journalist, covering all agendas designed to push us into an Agenda 21 one world order of control. A Brave New World of technocratic enslavement.

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Brave New Tier

Geneal Support: His Fordliness thanks you!

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Central London Hatchery

Are you ready to be decanted? My dear future betas and alphas, in this tier you'll enjoy early access, community and a shoutout on all content.

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"A gramme in time saves nine" This Soma-packed tier will take the jim-jams away (I've read too much BNW lol). For real though, i'm a very non-drug person, but I do enjoy the concept of Soma in BNWverse. In this tier you'll get everything from the previous tiers, plus behind the scenes and downloadable materials.

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Alpha Plus

Congratulations, you're top of your caste! Your Support is alpha plus and shall be rewarded as such. Everything from the previous tiers, PLUS a group live stream once a month. Come on and talk about whatever you want (serious talk or just shooting the breeze).

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The Savage Reserve

Welcome to the savage reserve! We are the outsiders that want out of their system. We want to live life on our own terms. To live off of the land and eat whatever we want. We want nothing to do with their Agenda 21 technocratic world and to them, that makes us 'Savages". In this tier you'll get everything, plus a voice in the creative process, digital commissions and a (1 time) 1-hour "Meet The Savage" skype call with yours truly.

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