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Tom Oliver
Tom Oliver
Low poly 3D and game dev guy. Working on bringing a cute little raccoon ninja to life.
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Weekly videos! While I plan on uploading videos as frequently as possible, working on 3D models and the Azumi game are the big timesinks and require lots of attention! If we hit $200, I'll be sure to get at least one edited video a week posted on top of working on the game dev stuff!
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Azumi Daily! I'll start a dedicated Twitter to posting daily Azumi content! Drawings, renders, mini comics, whatever I can bust out in a day!
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Triple uploads! I'll make sure that as long as we stay at $800 or more, I'll get three videos posted every week!
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Full Time Dev! At this level, I can officially be a full time content creator! I can't even imagine all the extra stuff I'll be able to start making without worrying about the bills

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