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Thomas the hermit, hermit and Teacher of Contemplative prayer.
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Basic help

This will help me just to eat or maybe have a place to camp, and I appreciate you greatly

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Prayer of the Heart

Help me to build a movement of the Laity to pray for the Church and the salvation of souls. A hermit has a few needs to offer his life in prayer. This will go along way towards my work and ministry, thank you and I am praying for you, and your family.

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You are my Fountain of Love

You are making it possible for me to travel and report stories on location and to upgrade my equipment so as to extend further this Holy work

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  • *I pray for all viewers on my channel
  • *but will be specialy obligated to intercede for you and your family.
  • *You are supporting a work that is lifting up the Church

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I have been putting off support for my You tube Channel and the other works that I have done, and I am finally getting around to asking people to support my work.  Be a part of the success that I have been having promoting the Orthodox teachings of the Church and defending the Church against the erosive doctrine of modernism, and other apostasy's help me to fight the battle, and I will take the fight  to the enemies of our faith. 

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With an income of $1000 a month I can have the freedom to travel and live pay bills and build up the Kingdom of God through example and Through a life of prayer. I don't need comfort and I don't need a house to live but I do need to pay basic expenses then I can make great video's and expand my Music Recordings and therefore do God's work.


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