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I love UFOs, Aliens and Paranormal Mysteries and seeing if can solve what its all about.
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Grey Alien

A shout out for your support in helping to cover OT chans running costs. And any behind the scenes and special videos not available in public and Paul can chat to you more then non-supporters.

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Tall Grey

Really help OT Chan Grow by offering a little more The more you pay the greater interaction Paul will give to you in chats and call outs.

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Nordic Beauty Hubrid

Same as all the lower sub levels but also you are allow to download the videos for your own personal collection but only those in the month you pay for. so 8 to 12 a month currently.

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Grand Mantis Master Alien

This one same as all previous sub levels.. but you can be included in free give aways over the year for your support.

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  • You can get access to behind the scene and any special videos.. but mainly you get a call out for helping with OT chan Costs. Cheers

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Welcome, Im Paul I run the OT Chan. . I live of gov help on sicknesswelfare, but I have skills an...

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