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Hello, we are The Scoundrel's Cantina and welcome to our channel. Our names are Luke & Todd and we are two best friends that love making LEGO video reviews and Star Wars Lore videos.
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  • Upon subscription you will have access to our longest and best Lore & Lego videos from both Star Wars and the Warcraft Universe, while the rest of our content will be for free :) We thank you in advance for helping us continue to make a living from the things we love to do, as YouTube isn't safe for us anymore.

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The Scoundrel's Cantina
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Still do it because it feels good although instead of doing it like HELLO THERE in this way, we prefer the way Starkiller walks towards the door and simply pulls it open ;) And yeah people look at us like we're idiots but who cares.

If you wanna support us we also have a Bitchute Channel as well as a second YouTube channel where we also upload videos ;)



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The Scoundrel's Cantina
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So guys we just made this and we are going to get everything ready in the next couple of days with the tiers and stuff like that. We have a lot of Lore videos already ready to be uploaded, some will be for free although the longest and hardest to make will require subscription if we are going to make this work, as it's very time consuming to make and not really easy. This is it for now, thanks :)
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We have a YouTube channel where we upload this stuff although YT has become a very unsafe platform where free speech doesn't exist. When our channel eventually gets shut down we want to have a backup plan and this is one of them. We would love to continue our dream job if possible here so whatever you give us will greatly help out in making for both fun content and some important serious stuff to inform you of the dangerous world we live in. Like we said YouTube doesn't allow free speech that doesn't align with leftist ideologies. Thank You!

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