Expand The Ban: Restoring The American Worker

The United States is at war with an invisible enemy. This conflict has already cost us 80,000 American lives and over 36,000,000 Americans are now unemployed, our own walking wounded. To make matters worse, bipartisan efforts have yielded little relief for those millions of unemployed and their families, adding to the sense of hopelessness that already pervades too many communities in our nation. 
The first promise of real relief, however, came from President Trump last month when he pledged via tweet that he would sign “an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!” This promise of an order to protect unemployed citizens from cheap foreign competition was heralded as the perfect solution to our economic woes by all of President Trump’s core constituencies and garnered over 409,000 likes. Unfortunately, a funny thing happened on the way to the Resolute Desk, and the EO signed by President Trump three days after his initial tweet was radically different than what was promised. Not only did the actual EO do little to curb permanent immigrant competition beyond 60 days, it left all of the America Last foreign visa programs completely untouched. As a result, millions of Americans now languish in the unemployment line while Big Tech and others continue to import hundreds of thousands of foreigners to take jobs and drive down wages.
The failure of the White House to adequately address worsening jobs numbers is doubly negligent given the burdens that the American people have thus far carried in the war against the Chinese Coronavirus. Schools have been closed, parks chained shut and our greatest resource, America’s grandparents, have been sequestered away from their families. Our citizens have borne these loads with few complaints and we should all be proud. But now it’s time for President Trump to match America’s commitment to victory with a new pledge. He must expand the ban on immigration to block all visa labor and give Americans a fighting chance to get back to work. 
Such a move will be unpopular with those America Last interests who blocked his first effort, but globalist scorn will matter little in the final accounting on Election Day. Nearly 80 percent of American voters recently polled support reductions in immigration to help Americans get back to work. Those voters include many of the Blue-Collar Trump Democrats in Pennsylvania and Michigan, voters whom Joe Biden is targeting specifically to flip in November. And, unlike other Trump Twitter initiatives, an increasing number of elected Republicans want the President to expand the ban. While Fox News has dedicated little coverage to it, a bicameral team of America First Conservatives penned letters to the President asking him to take the next logical step and block foreign visa labor for the duration of our economic crisis. Senators Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Chuck Grassley, Ted Cruz and Congressmen Paul Gosar, Lance Gooden, Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Michael Burgess, Steve King and Brian Babin took the heroic step of declaring that immigrants directly compete with Americans for jobs, a realization the Conservative Inc. brain trust has yet to discover. The President of the United States, a dozen Congressmen and the American People all want a halt to immigration. In politics, this is called momentum, and it shouldn’t be squandered.
The time is right for President Trump to strike a blow for the American worker! He has plenary power to guarantee that Americans, when we leave our homes to find work, are greeted with a robust job market, brimming with opportunities and pay that make us not only whole, but stronger than ever before. Our gallant Commander-in-Chief faces an uphill battle to Make the American Economy Great Again, again. Before him is the choice of whether he will follow the precedent of his predecessors on immigration and side with the donors or fulfill the agenda he ran on and put the American People First. We learned in 2016 that no amount of donor money will detach the American people from a leader who is loyal to them alone. If the President expands the ban and fulfills his pledge to the American worker to protect their jobs, he will not only win re-election, he will have deserved it.