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Christian and Biblical Creationist from Virginia. I will be posting programming, electronics, gaming, and Bible videos here.
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Bare Minimum

You won't get anything in return at this level except for that which benefits my entire community.

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Basic Support

With this tier, you can opt-into getting recognition by having your name put in the credits of every video I produce as well as a special role on my Discord server.

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This will be among the lower tiers once I think of higher tiers and what to put in them. This tier includes all of the benefits of the lower tiers, but I don't know what else to add (yet).

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$0.00 of $1,000
per month
This should allow me to keep my equipment, hardware, and software up-to-date somewhat regularly and expand my services a little bit.
$0.00 of $5,000
per month
I might be able to make a living exclusively off of this and improve the quality of my videos and services. This will also allow me to start my own line of USB products.
$0.00 of $10,000
per month
I'm out of ideas for now, but I'll think of something eventually.
$0.00 of $100,000
per month
This is a dream that will likely never be reached, but I can dream can't I? Still have no clue what I would do with this much income. By the way, did I mention that this is about 1/10 the cost of a custom ASIC?

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