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I need your help! I have made informative videos about history, paganism and traditional cultures from around the world for years. My channel depends on patrons to continue. As a patron, you get merch discounts and access to exclusive content! Do your bit to support unbiased European history broadcasting.
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JIVE TALK on new Tarim DNA

I will be doing a live stream on the new Tarim DNA Friday night at 1900 BST, 1400 EST 

New genetic data on Tarim mummies disproves my claim that early Tarim mummies were Iranic. It also shows the likely origin of Tocharian languages is in the Dzungarian Basin just north of Tarim rather than Tarim itself. Tarim mummies date from 2000 BC to AD 200 yet this sample only looks at the very oldest of those. Even older samples (3000–2800 BC) in the new study are from the Dzungarian Basin and these samples appear to be Afanasievo derived and therefore are likely the source of Tocharian languages, and if so then the language moved South into Tarim from them, but the early mummies from Tarim itself, at least the 13 in this study which date from 2100–1700 BC, do NOT appear to be Tocharians or even, as I speculated in my video last year, Iranic speakers, rather an isolated refugia of ice-age like people predominantly descended from Ancient North Eurasians and West Siberian Hunter-Gatherers (WSHG themselves were 72.5% ANE, 7.5% West European Hunter-Gatherer, and 20% Ancient East Asian).
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