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Weekly 1 Minute Mindfulness Walk

A 1 minute mindfulness walk per week specific for this site. Need a very quick boost! You can literally do this in a cue or whilst you are waiting. 1 minute!! In addition to this you get a photograph with a quote specific to the mindfulness minute walk which is downloadable.

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Weekly Book Reading

Would you like to take into my deep dark vault of mystical and fantastical stories of yesteryear? Of course you would!! Each week I will be reading to you a story from my childhood that I have saved for best part of 30 years!! For $2.50 per week? Of course you do!

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Weekly 10 Minute Mindfulness Walk

Join me for a ten minute mindfulness walk. Terrain can vary, from coast to forest to stunning hill vistas. Varied content, specifically for this site. That is literally $5 a week!! About the same as a cup of coffee!! Invest in yourself.

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Personalised Art

Would you like a personalised artwork specific to just you each month? I can tune into the energy from a photo and I can produce a piece of artwork based on that energy. This can provide insight into your subconscious mind and perhaps insight into what guides you or what is present in your life that you can’t quite put your finger on.

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  • Personalised Artwork. Friendly Discussion. Mindfulness Walks

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Both my sons are autistic and the eldest is very creative and into making things out of “junk”. Trouble is I don’t have any place in the house where he can work on his gadgets and inventions! He literally goes to sleep with the stuff in his bed!! I have to move it out and try to find an available surface to put it on - which is hard to do, because he literally repurposes everything and that piles up!! His mind is beautiful and he will go far! However he needs a workshop! So I need money to build him a shed in the back garden. I have done the base for it already. I just need the shed!

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