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I draw comics and stuff. :-)
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  • Around the first of each month, I compile links to the previous month's posts, including comics, art, sometimes photographs, and occasional pondering prose.
  • Rarely, I might also send a poll asking you questions, either with the monthly links or on its own. For the most part, though, you can expect to hear from me here about once a month.

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Sharpclaw Comics:

October Already?

It is already October!  Where has my year gone?!?  I planned to be done with Sharpclaw chapter 1.06 (Apples And Eagles) and already into the next Deer Me and Sharpclaw chapters by this point in the year, not only halfway through this chapter!  Well, thank you for sticking with me as I take longer than anticipated.

I must remind myself that ten pages of the current Sharpclaw chapter is not all I have managed this year.  For the first few months (three to five, I forgot how long) of this year, I was teaching myself PHP and building my own sites.  I still feel excited about that.

I also have been working on other comic pages while working on the current Sharpclaw chapter.  There was the four-page short Sharpclaw story (A Dream of Flying) I released earlier this year, a second four-page short Deer Me story (Mars Needs Men) that shall be released soon, and the twenty-page Sharpclaw Smut chapter I am working on concurrently with the Sharpclaw chapter.  I have not decided when I shall start running the Smut story, but I am working on its tenth page now.

I want to make all the comics, all at once!
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