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I am a Dreamer, my goal is to create new and exciting stories that differ from the norm with a new twist and spin where nobody expects them!
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Little Helpers

For all those who want to support me but don't have the budget to.

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Ko-Fi or Coffee?

For those who wish to give me a cup of coffee every month ^

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The Chosen Trickster's confidants

Everyone gets a slice of the cake, meaning each week (if possible when I don't have a huge workload from uni or commissions) I will upload the newest chapters early on SubscribeStar and on Substack.

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Fully colored Cover Page

At the end of the Month I release the Full color Cover Pages of all ongoing Projects as a Pdf and your name will be put on the second to last page!

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This is direct support for my upcoming Manga "C13P"

The Manga will be published through Amazon for Kindle, but supporters of this Tier will get a pdf of the Chapters first and their names will be placed in the Credit Pages of the Volume release.

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  • If times allowes it I wil upload Videos of me Drawing at least once a week
  • At the end of the month I release the drawings as PNG's to my Subscribers
  • Fanart is free

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I apologize for the lateness!

For some reason despite working almost every day I was unable to finish the chapter of "The Chosen Trickster" and I found out that I would need to restart everything from scratch otherwise I'd lose what I intended to do with this story

If possible I invite you to join me on Discord since I intend to make daily reports there!

Only Subscribers will be able to give input tho since the Channel I prepared is for those who have Subscibed!

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