Staring At Relaxation
I am Staring at Relaxation and I'm just getting started as a content creator. I am making affirmation videos to help people. My videos include a kaleidoscope drawing, pictures of my info and links, and the affirmations written out in text and a simple recording of my voice saying something positive over and over in a seqquence. Why do I use affirmations? I've always struggled in life, with aspergers, ADHD, and ODD. I would always refuse to do any work, lose my focus, and get nothing done. Then one day my brother showed me an affirmation video. It changed me for the better. Now I have an easier time doing all of those things and more! I also can get things done! I even gained more confidence. One of the ways affirmations help me is by continuously reminding me of my goals and keeping me concentrated. I used to feel like my mind was always wandering, but now I have a sure fire way to keep my mind on the same subject for a long period of time! There are many more ways affirmations help me, and I hope you can also find the ones to help you! My process for making videos consists of the following: I artistically create an image either in a digital art program, or by hand. I then make a video with the image. I then add the affirmation audio. And that's pretty much the magic behind it! After that, I upload them to YouTube for all of you to see and love! I do most of my video editing on my phone, because my current computers are are all becoming more and more dysfunctional every day. However i do make my audio on the computer. My microphone is a cheap desktop mic. The donations from my patrons (you) will help me to continue doing this, and upgrade my overall quality. But there's more than that. There's bills that my family struggle to pay in the household. The first donations are going to go towards paying off the bills and keeping us in our home! If you want to message me with questions or feedback, please feel free to do so! Love! Peace! 2019!
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