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Roguestar is creating video rants with anime music. and a programming boot camp.
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Insider Access, Filipino Game Projects

I'll be live streaming + uploading crafting videos related to games projects I'm publishing in 2020. My focus will be on building a Filipino Sci-Fi story anthology + an "e-sports" online game. Videos will be posted twice per month. Video series starts JAN 1 2020.

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Training Dojo

INTERVIEW REQUIRED. This is not a beginners course. DO NOT sign up for this tier before you pass the interview process. Please send all interview scheduling requests to slade @ roguestar . games. We will use whatever is convenient for you. The training dojo will have a maximum of 5 participants who will be training with me on delivering real software that's shippable, useful or fun. Guaranteed 4hours per week of one-to-one training, debugging, consultation, via audio+video. Sundays will be wholly reserved for all Dojo participants. I will not do your homework for you, but I will help you build apps/games/software that will make you money and revenue. Confidentiality guaranteed, and I will sign all the NDAs you need.

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  • Psychological defense against technocratic systems.

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