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Rockhopper Software Designs Studying, pursuing, and implementing algorithms to more equally and transparently improve the quality of life on Earth. has gathered open source intelligence for a more informed citizen's data dashboard.

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Software Upgrade Requests

Join to support my work, and make requests for software upgrades. I will prioritize these requests over others, and you will help these projects grow.

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Top 10 Team

This is huge, and enough monthly support at this level could change my life and fund a lot a good work.

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Hindsight 20/20

More funding will provide even more evidence-based hindsight on our world. I would also love to have a conversation with you about my projects to best hear your suggestions.

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Super Software Supporters

Building and maintaining web-based software is complex and time-consuming work. Over a decade ago, I worked for a firm which billed me out to clients at $50-$80/hour. Since then, I've only been coding on passion projects for which I compensated minimum wage or less. So this level shows incredible support, helping me approach industry baselines for my 20 years of professional experience. At this level and higher, you can receive public credit as a producer on any of these projects you wish. I would also love to have a conversation with you about my projects to best hear your suggestions.

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Project Value 100%

If you are very financially comfortable, and find extraordinary value in my work, then please consider becoming a top-tier supporter. Perhaps my hundreds of hours have saved you hundreds of hours in research and/or software development. Perhaps my engineering has successfully answered some of your tough questions. I would be truly honored by such support, and would also love to have a conversation with you about my projects to best hear your suggestions.


  • Boosted priority for software upgrade requests. All site visitors are encouraged to submit suggestions for new datasets to add. But requests made by donors of these projects will be a higher priority.

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Getting to this level of independent monthly income would double the number of hours I can afford to put into Rockhopper's independent web-based software projects.
$0.00 of $8,000
per month
If honored with overwhelming support, I can finally hire software development help for these projects. This could quadruple the coding hours dedicated to these projects, and significantly expand this as a user-supported software organization.

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