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Hub for theological mutts.
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Just the Videos

This is the lowest-cost way to contribute to Revere Network!

You will have lifetime access to video content!

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This is a low-cost way to contribute to Revere Network while getting lifetime access to all of our grace-based content. You get:

Access to exclusive podcasts, interviews, and new teachings

- In addition to the free content already on our channels, this is where we get to have fun free of fear of being canceled by the tone police.

Access to the notes on the RevNet Telegram channel

- This is a complement to our weekly newsletter, where we post occasional micro-podcasts in the form of voice messages. The topics vary broadly, with insights and instructional content on whatever we happen to be thinking about.

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The Tavern

Since the beginning of Revere Network, people have asked us for a place to mingle with like-minded people, hash out issues related to grace, and talk ten to the dozen.

This is what The Tavern is: an exclusive, members-only area, where subscribers can make sense of the world they're living in. Inspired by Tun Tavern, it's a place where true non-cancellable dialogue is encouraged, a safe haven for theological mutts who don't fit into a particular camp, and a network of gracists (if you will).

We are working on a physical location to host events annually. In the meantime, we are strictly online and can accept anyone from around the world. It includes:

Access to the Revere Network Discord server

- This is a private chat forum with an array of topical channels ranging from #politics to #church to #culture to #theology. Here you can talk with like-minded people, work through issues you are facing, and establish offline friendships.

Scheduled check-in calls

- Discipleship in the church is sort of like sneaking the sunrise past a rooster. Whether you're a home church leader or an aspiring pastor, these give you a chance to grow and develop. Check-ins are run on Zoom by facilitators we have picked for their trustworthiness and wisdom.

Live Town Hall Events

- These generally run between 1 and 3 hours. They cover any and every topic impinging on living as a Christian in a secular world. You can join live to participate in Q&A, or you can watch the replays later at your convenience (be aware, however, that some panels are not recorded due to sensitive content). The panels are run by Pastor Ken and sometimes feature other experts to round out the discussions.

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  • Grace-Based Content
  • Private Discord and Video calls with the RevNet Team
  • Community of Gracists

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BASED and GRACED | EPISODE 2 | KEN SPICER and DYLAN CYPERTClick this link to watch now ⬇️

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