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James Allsup
YouTuber / commentator / father / husband / gamer rights activist
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Thanks for the support! You'll get to participate in the weekly discussion about what I should cover in my Friday video. Ever week's video will be a supporter suggestion!

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Still cheaper than Netflix, I think. I don't know- I use someone else's. This tier lets you in on Fan Fridays and on Tiebreaker votes- you will get to cast deciding votes when I'm stuck between two topics. These will happen at least once a week.

Also, this tier and above will get access to BONUS VIDEO that I will shoot casually and post here behind the paywall. Me in the garage, me in the studio, me in the car, me in the bathroom- okay maybe not that. If you want access and quality content, this is what you want!

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Many thanks, my dude. You will get to vote on video topics, and you'll get follow-backs on all social medias of your preference, including Instagram, Gab, Minds, etc, and the Twitter account that totally isn't me.

THIS TIER AND ABOVE WILL RECEIVE CREDIT IN MY VIDEO CREDITS! Please change your username here on Subscribestar to something you are okay with being shown. Otherwise I'll just use your first name.

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Level 3 - Founder (anonymous)

The same as Tier 3 except I will not show your username in the video credits. (SS requires each level have a different $ value)

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Level 4 - The Elites

You will always get no for an answer if you never ask. All previous perks- vote on videos, behind the scenes content, social media followbacks, PLUS you can participate in a monthly half-hour Hangouts chat for others at this level. You're making my channel possible- thank you!

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James Allsup
Update on "Friday"'s video - Like the majority of you suggested, I went with Robert's idea, and will be making a presentation on big government. The video came in at ~18 minutes of monologue so editing is taking a bit longer. It will be up within a few hours- thanks for your patience!

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UPGRADE TIME! When I hit this, I will upgrade video quality by shooting in 4k and configuring a proper studio. This goal includes the camera, green screen/background, other studio accessories


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