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I dissect Horror Films to give a deeper understanding of this maligned genre and spread a little appreciation for films that you may have never considered watching. I publish a mix of edited videos and livestreams
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Good Guy

Small, but muchly appreciated. You'll be helping me cover the cost of renting all the movies reviewed, and the pizza to enjoy them with: that makes you a friend to the end.

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You're gonna love this part. You're making an undeniable contribution, pitching in, providing alibis, fetching beer, etc.

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One of us!

A very generous donation and much appreciated. These are all voluntary, but at this level I will guarantee to cover a horror film of your choice.

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Proper Horrorshow
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If someone wants to know what I make, this is the video I link them to:
In Defence of Torture Porn

I was proud of my editing style, the handling of the subjects and for hopefully changing a few minds about the films that it's cool to write off as sadistic gory trash. Hopefully, people watching this will see that Saw, Hostel et al are expressing a very modern fear, in a decidedly impactful way. 
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