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Character illustrations and graphic art in a vector style.
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D-rank: Demented!
  • Access to preview new and upcoming Works-In-Progress of my ink and vector works.
  • Special Discord rank
  • Name appears at the end of my Speedart videos
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  • Early access to all new vector illustrations
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B-rank: Berserk!
  • All previous tier rewards
  • Monthly tutorials for vectoring, inking, and sketching
  • Free high-quality print files for new vector illustrations (personal use only)
  • Early access to all new FORSAKEN artworks (inks and vectors of reference sheets, new concepts, sketches, game assets, and graphic novel pages)
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  • Coupons to my online store
  • Ability to earn Moderator status in my Discord and art stream
  • Early access to new Speedart videos
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S-rank: Sensationally Psychotic!!
  • All previous tier rewards
  • 75% discount off any and all future commission orders
  • Private tutorial streams by request
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  • Early access to new artworks, from fanart to original works and even my story!! SLICK!
  • Become a mod in my art stream and Discord and see your name in my Speedart vids!! WHOA!
  • Tutorials and discounts on commissions and merch from my store!! YOWZA!

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Public post

Ruler of Dispair Grima Zine WIP Preview (Public)

New WIP of a vector illustration for a Fire Emblem zine featuring Grima, the diabolical Fell Dragon from Fire Emblem Awakening.
Full preview available to subscribers of my C-rank tier and above!
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