Madame Presidente May Do Prison Time

Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) is facing a 12 Year prison sentence for corruption; a dozen officers were injured when clashes between her supporters and protesters turned violent and had to be dispersed with tear gas from before her Buenos Aires apartment. Supporters of solidarity included Mexican President AMLO, who cryptically stated Thursday that "no one should be prevented from being a candidate because 'they' fabricated some supposed crime."  This statement seems to apply more to Donald Trump than CFK, who may be barred from ever running for office over the supposed crime of retaining classified documents, and conservative Argentine ex-president Mauricio Macri, whose charges were just dismissed over ordering surveillance of the families of deceased ARA San Juan crewmembers.  Trump and Macri were close friends while in office and would destroy globalism in the Americas were they ever to return to their respective presidencies. 

Brazil will likely collapse into civil war this autumn rather than allow a thinly-veiled Leftist takeover by fraudulent elections and election courts.  If the Left were to take power in Brazil, it would be the last domino to fall, leaving South and Central America under communist control from Tierra del Fuego to the Guatemalan border, except for little Uruguay and embattled Ecuador.  Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro decided at the last minute to debate his challengers yesterday, and called ex-president Lula da Silva a liar and a thief in several fiery exchanges.  "Convict" was among the deprecations shouted, a label that Lula da Silva denied even though he WAS convicted and imprisoned for graft in the "Carwash" scandal, and only recently released by activist judges.  Bolsonaro's charges of electoral corruption are not new, they were the talk of the nation in 2010 when Lula da Silva's successor was supposedly elected in a sweeping victory.  The Supreme Electoral Court issued a "diploma" to quell opposition to Dilma Roussef's victory; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew to Brazil to congratulate her on behalf of the Obama administration.  Roussef was impeached in 2016 for her own involvement in the "Carwash" paving the way for Bolsonaro's upset victory and a major pendulum swing to the right.  Brazil had become very cozy with China during the Lula da Silva and Roussef years, establishing the BRICS financial alliance and teaching the Chinese the art of aircraft carrier flight operations.  The Chinese invested heavily in Brazil's hydropower and became a key buyer of beef and pork.  Soybeans by the shipload from newly-developed Amazon farmland began making their way to China, an arrangement which continues today.  Bolsonaro has tried to reverse decades of Leftist policy in his 4-year term, but has kept hold of the BRICS arrangement.  He visited Vladimir Putin in Moscow in February, only a week before Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  He has thus put his own take on the BRICS, which now has a nationalist faction also represented by Putin's Russia and Modi's India.  China represents the authoritarian faction along with South Africa, arguably a satellite state under Chinese control.

Bolsonaro, a Christian baptized in the River Jordan, boldly stated that "only God can remove me from the presidency," but Lula da Silva intends to do exactly that, and restore Brazil to the glory of its former kleptocracy and Chinese amity. He supposedly enjoys a comfortable lead in the polls (which are alleged, along with media bias and Dominion voting machines, to be part of the fraudulent electoral system), but appeared preoccupied with the debate this week and left it to Dilma Roussef to stand up for CFK.  A close friend and kindred soul to Hillary Clinton, CFK was first lady (as wife of Argentine President Nestor Kirchner) then twice president (when she threatened to repeat the 1982 invasion of Britain's Falkland Islands).  She was nearly imprisoned during Macri's administration; 8 million dollars of her assets were seized and a warrant was issued for her arrest.  Only her last line of defense, her immunity as a sitting senator, prevented captivity until Macri was voted out (in a corrupt process involving Venezuelan Dominion machines, according to Sidney Powell).  Today she is the sitting Vice President and rumored to be the true potentate of Argentina.  She spent the first eleven days after her inauguration travelling to Cuba, plotting to return her nation to the Chinese orbit.  As president, she allowed the Chinese to build a $50 million stellar observatory on the Patagonian Plain, from which the PLA can monitor in live time all satellites, spacecraft, and ICBMs in the entire Southern Hemisphere.  Chinese flotillas began to steal fish by the boatload from Argentina's Atlantic waters and import vast quantities of wheat and beef.  Macri opposed this hegemony, his maritime police even sinking an 8,000 ton factory fishing ship in 2016 and bringing the rescued sailors to Buenos Aires for prosecution.  The people of Latin America cheered this act in comment strings, warning the "comeperros" (dog eaters) to stay out of the Americas.  The following year China did the opposite, avenging their loss by sinking the ARA San Juan, a submarine of the Argentine Navy which had reported problems due to a battery fire and was proceeding on the surface on diesel power.  On November 15th, 2017, ARA San Juan exploded and sank with all hands.  The wreck was found a year later and photographs of the "restos" were classified as a government secret, as they contained bodies of the deceased and clues pointing to the perpetrators.  This author was in Argentina in November 2017, and all eyes were glued to round-the-clock coverage of this national tragedy. It was hoped that the 44 crewmembers, including the nation's maiden female submariner, were alive as the search continued.  Trump sent US P-8 Poseidon sub-hunter aircraft to the South Atlantic armed with Harpoon anti-ship missiles.  Ostensible searching for the lost submarine, they were clearly prepared to battle any hostile ships.  Macri's government bowed to this intimidation and reduced pressure on China, failing to dismantle the electoral system or even the space-base in his presidency.  The November 15, 2017 sinking of the ARA San Juan will prove to be the outbreak of open hostility in the current World War.  "Grey war" tactics of migrant infiltration, propaganda, sabotage, and assassination were used before this date and have continued in the five years since...peppered with an occasional suspicious explosion, government collapse, military invasion, spate of airstrikes, or missile barrage.  Many nations have already been lost to communism, some are trying to claw their way back.  The battle is raging in Brazil and Argentina, and Macri tweeted his full support for law enforcement as they attempt to collar his nemesis, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner! 

Pictured (l to r): CFK, Dilma Roussef, Hillary Clinton.