Chile Falls To Communism - Left's Election Win A Mortal Blow To Freedom In The Americas

Leftist Gabriel Boric will take power in March 2022 after his runoff election victory yesterday in Chile.  By the indices of population and economic production, Chile is the strongest US ally in Hispano-South America, having escaped the communist path when leftist Salvadore Allende was overthrown by his military in 1973.  The result was called the economic miracle of the Americas and capital Santiago is considered the benchmark of advancement in Latin America.  Boric discounted that economic advancement Sunday, saying it had "feet of clay", or was built on the backs of oppressed peoples that have grown poorer as Chile developed. 
Chile is where the conservative groundswell first took root in the Americas in 2009 with the election of billionaire Sebastian Piñera, who is wrapping up his embattled (non-consecutive) second prestidential term.  The nation was bled by leftist spending from 2014-2018 under the presidency of Michele Bachelet, who then took a cushy job with the UN.  Bachelet has not only had the power of the United Nations to flood Chile with anarchist "refugees", but has has significant soft power inside Chile from her appointees and other remnants of her previous governments.  A close friend of Hillary Clinton, Bachelet has followed the Hatian model of nation-building and Chile has granted asylum to many Hatians during past years.  Mexico has recovered trash bins full of Chilean ID cards issued Hatian nationals as their caravans approach the Texas border.  The violent riots sparked by these and other "refugees" (many from Venezuela) have broadened the divide in Chile and strenthened the support of conservative candidate Jose Antonio Kast (who won the first round with 28% of the vote).
The USA, Argentina and Chile have this in common: for a solid four-year conservative presidency, each of these nations was under siege by leftist remnants within and NGO-backed refugee invasions from without.  Their presidents failed to prosecute their communist predecessors and have declined to use military force to secure their borders.  Four years later, and always under indices of election fraud, smouldering communist elements burst into flame.  They have no qualms about ordering their military and police apparatus to crush conservatism and enforce lockdowns.  Brazil is also on track for a repeat within a year, as President Bolsonaro goes into the final leg of his presidency with waning popularity and growing scandal.  His nemesis, ex-President Lula da Silva, having been released from prison by Brazil's highest court, is now orchestrating the resistance himself.  In Bolivia where the narco resistance was more entrenched, it only took one year to drive out conservative Christian President Jeanine Añez-Chavez.  She was abducted from Trinidad in an inhumane and illegal rendition and flown over 1000 kilometers back to Bolivia, where she just completed her ninth month in a gloomy dungeon.
When will Western nations with conservative values learn to take the gloves off?  Our communist enemies have fought ruthlessly for decades with no respect or civility.  The effort of any president or general that has joined them like for like in battle (often securing a golden age for his nation and region) is slapped with a label: DIRTY WAR.